Essie Peach Side Babe

Essie Peach Side Babe Mini Cube

Here is my preview to the  Essie Summer Limited Edition 2015 Peach Side Babe. I am not quite sure about the release date for the different countries/markets. For more information visit These are the 6 new summer colors of ‘Peach Side Babe’: If you would like to get an overview of the whole collection and also dupes to all these colors, please visit AllLacqueredUp. I have purchased the minicube with the following four colors: Chillato Peach Side Babe Sunset Sneaks Pret-a-Surfer The names and colors from this collection slightly remind me of the Essence Wave Goddess Trend Edition from summer 2014, which also were themed around beach and surfing.… Continue Reading

Essie Perennial Chic

Essie Perennial Chic 5

Essie just realeased its beautiful spring collection 2015 named Flowerista. Over here in Germany we are always a little behind when it comes to release dates of limited editions by Essie. If you look at the German website you will still see the Jiggle Hi Jiggle Low LE from november 2014. Oh yes…what a shame, since in the US the Cashmere Matte and the Bridal 2015 LE is out already! After I seen the Flowerista Limited Edition out in stores last week, it took me a few days to decide whether I should buy any polishes at all and if yes, which one to get. I finally decided to… Continue Reading

Essie Milky Way

Essie Milky Way design

Finally I am able to show you an  Essie nail polish again, and this one is really specil because it is not from a limited edition or from the standard range, but it is a color exclusively made for  J.Crew (together with the color Peep Show). I noticed, that in the bottle  Milky Way looks a lot like another nail polish I own, which is OPI San Tan-Tonio (from the Texas Collection). They are very similar even though San Tan-Tonio is a bit darker and more orangy. Milky Way, too, seems a bit darker on the nail than in the bottle. On this picture you see one coat. And even… Continue Reading

Snowqueen Nail Art Outtakes

Blue Gradient Snow nail art

These three nail art are the failures when I tried to create a mani for the  Essie Adventskalender “Snow Queen” theme. I did not put too much effort into the gradient and after I realized I even used the wrong sponge for it. The nail stickers you see on all three design are from H&M. Essie Rock the Boat and accent nail with Lapiz of Luxury Essie gradient with Mesmerize, Lapiz of Luxury and Find me an Oasis. Essie Lapiz of Luxury and Pure Pearlfection

Essie Cocktails and Coconuts

Essie Schöne Bescherung 2

I do not wanna bother you with more Christmas jolly and just wanna wish you some quiet and cheerful days with your family. If you are alone also enjoy the days to look back on the year 2014 and collect energie to start an awesome year 2015. As iI will not be on vacation and still have a long list of things I want to blog about, I hope I will be able to post something for you to read while digesting your Christmas dinners and all the chocolate and other yummy things. Today’s post will be sort of a quickie. I have had this Essie color on my wishlist… Continue Reading

Folclore Nail Art

Folklore Nail Art 2

Source: It is Mani Monday again and the topic for the Essie Advent-Calendar is “Skandinavian Style”. The design I am showing you today, was gonna be my original competition nail art, but then I had another idea and changed my mind. It is inspired by a folklore jacket photograph I found on Tumblr. I did the whole design with a dotting tool and a toothpick, which means it is completely made out of different sized dots. Which I find the easiest technique for nail art, because I am not good drawing lines. The base color is Essie Jump In My Jumpsuit, from the current Jiggle Hi Jiggle Low LE,… Continue Reading

Essie Summit Of Style

Essie Summit of Stlye on Take it Outside 5

Source: I was so happy when I heard that this year’s Essie Luxeffects 2014 collection with come out with a new bronze color. I ordered it from for 5,50 $. Finally a bronze/copper glitter top coat by Essie. I recently showed you the golden top coat Rock At the Top. Here you both next to each other: Summit Of Style is not a true copper, because copper has a more red/orange tone, but it is described as bronze. Bronze has a minimum of 60 % of copper besides other metals in it, so it is less red. I find Summit Of Style rather brownish for a bronze but… Continue Reading

Gina Tricot Nail Polish

Nagellack Gina Tricot

Gina Tricot is a fashion brand that not many of you might know. This company was founded in Sweden in 1997 and now has over 180 shops in northern Europe (you can find the store locator here). Most shops are located in Sweden, Norwegen, Denmark, Finland und Germany but they also have a well sorted online shop . Their fashion is very trendy and laid back and they also offer a selection of accessories and cosmetic items you can check out on their website. Two weeks ago I had posted this picture on my Instagram-channel: Gina Tricot has a really nice selection of nail polishes, which is totally worth… Continue Reading