(Deutsch) Maybelline All Access NY

Maybelline ColorShow All Access NY 1

As a blogger I try to sign up for as many newsletters as possible, so I never miss the latest news on new nail polishes and collection coming out. It works really good with most brands, but for some reason, I am always late when it comes to the Maybelline ColorShow limited editions. I never receive a newsletter and usually see the new collections on instagram when other bloggers receive PR samples. That is how it happened when the Vinyl LE or the BE Brilliant LE came out. And this time again, it was Instagram first and then I accidentally found the All Access NY Limited Edition at my local… Continue Reading

Sinful Colors Endless Blue

Sinful Colors Endless Blue 3

I used to have Blue Mondays on my blog, where I would show a blue nail polish every new monday of the week. But I realized that I am actually not a big fan of blue on my hand, and I can not really tell you why. It might be my personal taste, because I love how blue looks on other womens nails. Maybe I had just the wrong blue tones that did not match my skin or it is because I am an Aries and we tend to like warm tones like pink, red and purple. But as there is so many beautiful blue shades, of course I can… Continue Reading

Maybelline Color Show BE Brilliant

Maybelline ColorShow Be Brilliant 4 glitters

Hell yes! There is a new  Maybelline ColorShow limited edition out and it is full of stunning holo glitter. After the Vinyl LE Maybelline is bringing out four beautiful and colorful glitter polishes this winter: Maybelline ColorShow BE Brilliant. I predict they will all be sold out very fast, so grab one if you are a glitter fan! In Germany the retail price is 1,75 € which is inexpensive for this quality. Like all Maybelline LE’s there is four colors: Light It Up (418) Spark The Night (419) Skyline Blue (420) Purple Dazzle (421) According to Maybelline (click here for the German product website) you can apply these coats “purely” without… Continue Reading

Maybelline Bleached Neons

Maybelline Colorshow Bleached Neons

I already swatched a pastel neon polish by Claire’s last month…and today I discovered  Maybelline’s Colorshow Bleached Neons!!! The colors are similar to the ones by Claire’s, but I like their presentantion and quality a whole lot more! They are also a little cheaper. Here in Germany they are available at different drugstores for 1,95 €. On the Maybelline website the four colors are not represented well enough. Their names are: SUN FLARE (241) CORAL HEAT (242) TROPINK (243) CHIC CHARTREUSE (244) Maybelline recommends to use a basecoat and a topcoat on these polishes, even though they do not have a matte finish. They dry with a shiny finish, which… Continue Reading