Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nail Polish [sponsored]

After almost two weeks ob absence I am now showing you Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nail Polishes which I was able to test thanks to the Rossmann Blogger Newsletter.

This color and top coat system works in 2 Steps, is supposed to last up to 14 days of color and shine, is easy to remove and no UV light is required.

How to use:

Step 1: Apply 2 coats of Miracle Gel™ Colour

Step 2: Apply 1 coat of Miracle Gel™ Top Coat

(the top coat needs to be purchased seperately.

To find out more about the product, you can watch the launch video on the Sally Hansen website.

In Germany the polishes hae a retail price of 11,95 €.

I tested the polishes in different combinations:

  1. SH Miracle Gel Color + Miracle Top Coat (no Basecoat – 2 color coats)
  2. SH Miracle Gel Color + Miracle Top Coat (with Basecoat – 2 color coats)
  3. SH Miracle Gel Color + Miracle Top Coat (no Basecoat – 2 color coats)
  4. SH Complete Salon Manicure Color + Miracle Top Coat
  5. SH Miracle Gel Farbe no Base/Top Coat
  6. I compared the results with SH Complete Salon Manicure Color + Acrylic No Chip Top Coat

Sally Hansen No Chip Acrylic Top Coat

I noticed that there are many reviews and blog posts about these polishes already and the results vary a lot – some people love them and others have massive criticism about the Miracle Gel.
I tested the following 4 colors (in the US there is a variety of 45 shades, here in Germany the selection of colors is only 9):

  1. 110 Birthday Suit
  2. 210 Pretty Piggy
  3. 360 Tidal Wave
  4. 470 Red Eye
  5. 100 Top Coat

Sally Hansen 110_birthday_suitSally Hansen210_prettypiggySally Hansen 360_tidal_wave_0Sally Hansen 470_red_eye_0mg_top_coat_0

Sally Hansen 110 Birthday Suit 1

Sally Hansen210 Pretty piggy 1

Sally Hansen MG Tidal Wave

Sally Hansen 470 Red eye 1

Conclusion: I thought that trying different combinations would give me a fixed opinion about the Miracle Gel System, but it was not that easy to find a conclusion wether I like this product or not. This is what I can say:

  • The Miracle Gel System definitly wins compared to the No Chip Top Coat because the Acrylic No Chip started chipping after 1 day (!!!) and the Miracle Gel System lasted up to a week on my nails
  • The Miracle Gel Top colors do not last as long without the Miracle Gel Top Coat,  so it is defintily necessary to combine both to get a lasting finish. I removed my mani after a week and I was surprised how well it lasted. The only way it lasted longer was as a pedicure on my toes.
  • I also tested the Miracle Gel Top Coat with other Sally Hansen nail polishes and hat worked almost as finde as with the Miracle Gel Colors, which makes me think, that the magic lies within the Top Coat after all.

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