Pink Gellac Starter Kit Review

I am back with a starker kit review for Pink Gellac - is a very popular high quality gel brand originated in the Netherland/Europe and located in many different countries: Netherlands, Germany, France, United States, UK, Italy and Switzerland.

I was contacted by the US-office of the company and was offered to try out the gel nail starter kit and additional 3 colors. Even though I was never a fan of gel nails (for obvious reason of the removal damaging my natural nails) I was too curious and gave it a try!


Starter Kit essentials

The starter kit includes:

  • Pink Gellac Tropical Pink 15ml
  • Primer
  • Pink Gellac Base2 15ml
  • Pink Gellac Ultra Shine top coat 15ml
  • Pink Gellac LED lamp
  •  nail file, an orange woodstick, 20 lint free wipes and 10 remover pockets.


As I am not familiar with gel polish application the booklet with some tipps and instructions was really helpful:


Within one month I had two applications and in between I let my nails rest for like a week without gel polish.

First application


Prepare your nails with the provided file


Remove all oils with the provided alcohol pads


the primer does not need any curing – it is a fast drying liquid that will protect your nails and help adhesion of the gel base coat


After the primer you will add a thin coat of the base coat and only cure for 15 seconds


What I learned after my first try:

  • priming the nails is very important and you should take enough time to do this
  • the gel base coat (I do not mean the primer which is just a liquid) is only to be cured 15 sec (not longer) – I did not read this the first time
  • the color coats should be thin – rather apply several thin coats than one color coat to thick
  • the removal was tough with just using the smal remover pockets – additionally I tried the cotton-pad-acetone-remover-aluminium-foil-method but it took very long for the gel to soften, so I had to push and file a lot which damaged my natural nail surface. I think this step could be improved with better materials (that is why I ordered a bottle of pure acetone for next time)

Second try


On my second session I used some plastic nail tips to experiment with colors and materials before applying the nude color on my nails.

Again I started off with the primer.


Following with the base.


It is important to read the curing times on each and every product as they might vary. The provided lamp is a high quality product and very easy to use. It does a beeping sound after 30 seconds and turns off automatically after 60 secs.

Also, as you can see on the bottles there in two different time indications: one applies to LED lamps and the other one to UV lamps. Make sure you adjust the time to the lamp you are using.


And choosing my now favorite color: 166 Vintage Nude.



Adding the shine top coat is a must to finish your gel manicure:


And here you see the finished result:



I have to admit that I fell in love with this brand and when I seen all the available colors I think I might order me some more. As a nail blogger I change my manicure very often, sometimes on a daily basis, so a gel mani is not always convenient for often removal. There is situations though, like me going on vacation where I do not like to take all my nail supplies or doing my pedicure in summer, when I do not like to take care of my nails for a while – that is when this kind of nail kit comes in very handy!

I want to give a special thank you to Ashley, who made this collaboration possible and would like to thank her for her patience.