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Email invites are gaining in popularity (eco-friendly, affordable) and slowly rewriting invitation etiquette. I was contacted by Anagram Interactive about reviewing Paperless Post invitations. They provided access to the Paperless Post service as well as some free coins in exchange for an honest review of their website.

How it works


Screenshot from lets you choose from a big variety of designs and occasions. I am a big fan of sending paper cards as I like the feeling you get recieving a piece of designed paper in your physical mailbox, so sending a virtual card was always a challenge for me. has a user-friendly interface. Once you choose your card design the site allows you to make changes. The text customization options are incredibly broad.

How it works


Screenshot from

  1. Choose an occasion (e.g. Halloween cards)
  2. Pick a design  and click ‘customize’ (blue button)
  3. Select a backdrop (background to set a mood for your card)
  4. Customize the envelope (liner, stamp, postmark)
  5. Write the text for your recipient (the text itself can be modified in a variety of ways e.g. content, font)
  6. Add emails and recipients names


The designs and customization into details (especially on the envelope) go beyond compared what we all used to know as so called ‘eCards’ in the beginning of the internet era. You can ask for a preview and a test card to your own email address where you can then get the full experience including the animation, when the recipient opens the card. ist an ecard service 2.0.


After creating an account you will be given 65 free coins. The customizations (premium options) cost “coins” rather than set dollar amounts. The cards themselves can also serve many purposes. The cards can be “just for fun,” collect RSVPs or information, or link to a separate website like your gift registry, wish list, or social media event.

The starting cost displayed is per recipient and excludes premium options. You can add or remove premium options—including envelopes, liners, backdrops, and logos—when creating your custom design. The current cost of your card per recipient will always appear at the top right corner of our design tool when you’re creating your card. They have hundreds of free card designs, but there is a nominal cost for premium cards and premium upgrades


The thing I like most is the fact that once you’ve created a card format and customized the interior message, you can send emailed greetings to friends, family, and business associates at any time. If you create general ‘thinking of you’, ‘get well soon’, or ‘thank you’ cards you can add email addresses of recipients whenever appropriate.


Overall I really like the idea, concept and design of . I will definitly try it out more when birthdays and holidays will come up and it is definitly a nicer details than just sending a Facebook or WhatsApp message. To me it will never replace a personal physical postcard or paper card.

But I think for events and companies it a great solution – because it saves paper! In this case it is a very eco-friendly solution to create flyers and invitations.

If you are curious, try it out!