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Do you follow me on Instagram? If you do you noticed that I have visited Mexico City a few weeks ago. And just like any other curious blogger and nail polish addict I wanted to find out where Mexican ladies buy their nail polish. So I collected some infos for you and put them together in this blog post.

As a basic information for all you travelers out there, I want to make sure you know that my mother tongue is Spanish, I visited a friend in Mexico and I stood in AirBNBs, which made it feel like being almost a local.

Of course I was hunting for products that were not available back home in Germany. And I also wanted to get my first beach-proof gel polish mani-pedi ever. So here are my experiences:

Drug Stores compared to Germany

Here in Germany we have a hand full of drug store chains that are knows all over the country. The differ from American pharmacies and cosmetic stores. The best known are Rossmann and dm Drogeriemarkt (you might as well know Müller Drogeriemarkt if you have been in southern Germany). If you live outside of Europe or even on the American continent, you might not be surprised about the differences between the beauty shopping world in Mexico, because stores like Sephora or Sally Beauty Supply might sound familiar to you. As I also know from the USA, you can also shop nail polish at Walmart or Walgreen’s.

So if you are visiting Germany one day and you want a shopping guide for beauty supplies, I can upload a blog post on that.

Sallys beauty supply

Mini Mani Moo Vinyls
Mini Mani Moo 2

Sallys beauty styli

Polishes mexico

We do know Woolworth over here in Germany and it is always a good place to buy really affordable nail polishes. But it seems like the local variety varies a lot from one country to the other. Here you get an impression of what the nail polish racks look like in a Woolworth in Mexico City.

esmaltes woolworth 2

Esmaltes woolworth mexico


If you visit Mexico City and you feel like getting a mani or pedi you will find many different places that are small shops but work really professionally. One of these I happened to find on my Google search close to where I was staying the first week was PintaUñas Roma.

Pintaunas shop

Pintaunas Roma Mani Pedi Gelish

Something you will hardly see in Germany, due to very strict laws, is people selling cosmetic products on street markets. Well In Mexico they are less strict and on one of the weekly food markets in La Condesa I spotted a pretty big table were they sold a variety of make up and brands.

mercado condesa

If you happen to have any questions, suggestions or request, feel free to email me to or message me on Instagram

I will finish this blog post with a swatch by Finger Paints ’Purple Palette’.

Finger Paints Purple Palette

Purple Palette FP

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