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Hello and welcome on my blog,

My name is Heidi, I was born in 1983 and I live in Berlin, Germany. I was born in Buenos Aires/Argentina and grew up in Germany, that is why travelling has always been a big part of my life. I have a Masters degree in Spanish Philology, English Philology und And Arts History. Even though blogging is my passion I still follow I regular job as a manager in retail (Check out LinkedIn profile if you like).

I am obsessed with nail polish and nail art as a form of self expression but I also try to blog about other things like cosmetics in general,  my two cats, food and snacks and anything related to art! I am also a tattoo fan as I see my skin as a canvas and I like collecting art on it, too.


I am always open for collaborations and working together with brands to get to know new products and present them to my readers.

So far I had collaborations with brands like: Edding L.A.Q.U.E.Rossmann (Rival de Loop Young), Catrice & essence Cosmetics (Cosnova), dm Drogeriemarkt (dm Markencamp Beauty), Styleranking (BeautyBloggerCafé 2015 + 2016), NiveaPhilipsGlamstripesCalifornia NailsJust CosmeticsMontagne JeunesseMyCouchBoxBiteBoxp2 CosmeticsFABY Nail LacquerBornPrettyStoreOriginal Source.

Usually collaboration follow the rules of the company. Regularly we agree that I receive PR samples for review and that I will write a blog article and promote it on my social media – free of further charge. I have also done paid articles, so I am open to your suggestions! One thing I will not do is include banners on my website.

I guarantee good quality pictures and I offer the option of bilingual texts (German/English but also Spanish). Any pcitures that I have not taken myself I will mark with source and website. I will also make sure all brands/products are marked and linked in the blog post as well as on my social media posts.

Since I started HeidisPolish.com in April 2014 I have published a total of  370 articles, some of them bilingual (as my page has two versions – look at the upper right of my page for the language option).

  • Hits in the last 30 days:  11.233+*
  • Monthly visitors: 7380 *
  • Top 5 countries: German (ca.50%), USA (ca.25%), Ucraine, China, France. 

(Date: 15.10.2016.)
* Source: WordPress Statistics 

Social Media

(Date: 15.10.2016.)


You can contact me over my postal address (see Impressum) and email me on heidispolish@my.com .


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