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If you follow me on Instagram (@heidispolish) and you watch my Instastories, you might have noticed that I have been to Amsterdam last weekend. And just because this blog is not only about nail polish but also about anything else I like and do in life. You can also check out my Barcelona blog post from last year in German and my latest travel blog from Mexico City – let me know if you want more postings in English.

This post will be less beauty related as I travelled to Amsterdam for less than 24 h for a work event and my first goal was to get another of my souvenir tattoos. I am a big fan of tattoos and whereever I travel I like to get a souvenir tattoo if time and place allow it. I did this in Buenos Aires (Argentina), Los Angeles (USA), Barcelona (Spain), Mexico City (Mexico) and now also in Amsterdam (Netherlands).

Out trip started on sunday noon from out beloved Tegel Aiport #tegelforever.

Airport selfie 1

TXL forever

We arrived in Schipohl Amsterdam 55 minutes later, right on time. To get to the city centre of Amsterdam, the easiest and cheapest way is to jump on one of the trains straigh from the airport (10 Minutes, 5 € p.p.).


As it is the bike capital of the world you will be amazed by how many bikes will be around you no matter where you go. Actually on Sundays the city is very busy and shops are open – unlike Berlin.

Amsterdam Streets

Amsterdam is not only knows for its beautiful architecture and maritime flair, but also for beer (Heineken) and fries. If you are willing to sand in a very very long line you can try the best french fries in town at Mannekenpis which is just one of many good french fry parlors in the city center.

Seepaart Hus


After a 15 minute walk from the main train station I reached the Hanky Panky Tattoo Shop. Originally founded by Henk Schiffmacher in 1979 the shop is still a walk-in studio until today. I had an appointment within 10 Minutes for a small tattoo. If you are interested in meeting Henk himself, you will have to follow another address a bit further from the city center at a shop called 416.

Hanky Panky Shop

The original shop is very small but interesting though and specialized on traditional tattoo style but due to the touristic location you can ask for almost anything here.

hanky panky 1

hanky panky 2

waiting to get inked+

hanky panky working

Oh Snap tattoo

After about an hour I was ready to go and meet up my friends to head to the hotel. Using taxis in Amsterdam you have to be careful as they are pricey and most of the drivers do no speak much English. Our driver took us on the scenic route and wanted to charge us for his own mistake of taking a wrong turn. After negotiating a bit he gave us a discount.

Our event location was situated in a more industrial area behind the city limits but had a very cool and trendy festival-like touch.

Party location

photo action

Scotch&Soda Party 1

Tortilla Wagon

Party burgers


The event was open air with free drinks and great food: 3 food trucks provided chicken nachos, burgers, fries and vegan falafel.

Luckily the hotel was just a 20 minute walk home and even though the weather was very windy and rainy we walked home in order not to depend on a expensive taxi again!

A few hours later, 7 am, our flight back to Berlin departed. The connection to Schipohl is really good from anywhere in the city by train. Be aware though, that the security check back home with take longer, due to the fact that weed is legal in Amsterdam as long as you consume it within the country or city limits. They will do full body scans for each person when leaving the country so make sure you head back with enough time to catch your flight.

For more recommendations hit me up with a comment. I have been in Amsterdam during December 2009 and could tell you way more about what to see!

P.D.: KLM Royal Dutch Airlines is always a good choice to travel with as their service is very good and above average for economy class travellers.





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