(Deutsch) 24h Amsterdam

Seepaart Hus

If you follow me on Instagram (@heidispolish) and you watch my Instastories, you might have noticed that I have been to Amsterdam last weekend. And just because this blog is not only about nail polish but also about anything else I like and do in life. You can also check out my Barcelona blog post from last year in German and my latest travel blog from Mexico City – let me know if you want more postings in English. This post will be less beauty related as I travelled to Amsterdam for less than 24 h for a work event and my first goal was to get another of my… Continue Reading

Mexico Nailblog

Sugar skulls mural

Do you follow me on Instagram? If you do you noticed that I have visited Mexico City a few weeks ago. And just like any other curious blogger and nail polish addict I wanted to find out where Mexican ladies buy their nail polish. So I collected some infos for you and put them together in this blog post. As a basic information for all you travelers out there, I want to make sure you know that my mother tongue is Spanish, I visited a friend in Mexico and I stood in AirBNBs, which made it feel like being almost a local. Of course I was hunting for products that… Continue Reading