Essie I’m addicted

Essie I'm addicted

Due to the fact that two of my finger nails are still growing back, today I will provide a picture of my Essie Neon pedi. A while ago I already wrote a preview of the Too Taboo Essie Neons, swatching and comparing two of their colors. Essie I’m addicted  is a beautiful aquamarine blue. And as I have researched, this is the very first time Essie came out with a color like this in a limited edition. If this is true and for now this might remain the only aquamarine blue shade by Essie, I highly recommend getting this color before it is sold out! Like all other neons, I… Continue Reading

Maybelline Bleached Neons

Maybelline Colorshow Bleached Neons

I already swatched a pastel neon polish by Claire’s last month…and today I discovered  Maybelline’s Colorshow Bleached Neons!!! The colors are similar to the ones by Claire’s, but I like their presentantion and quality a whole lot more! They are also a little cheaper. Here in Germany they are available at different drugstores for 1,95 €. On the Maybelline website the four colors are not represented well enough. Their names are: SUN FLARE (241) CORAL HEAT (242) TROPINK (243) CHIC CHARTREUSE (244) Maybelline recommends to use a basecoat and a topcoat on these polishes, even though they do not have a matte finish. They dry with a shiny finish, which… Continue Reading