Essence Caught in The Middle

Essence Good Girl Bad Girl Leather Effect 1

Yesterday I had show you the pink polish named  06 Once I was an Angel from the Essence Trend Editon (link to product website). As I had already mentioned I baught a second polish. If you follow my instagram account, you might have already seen that essence mixed up some of the labels on the nail polish bottles of this collection, which has caused some confusion with the effects and names. After all, essence explained to me on their facebook site that the color sticker on the bottle caps should indicate the right effect. 04 caught in the middle  is meant to be a black “leather effect” nail polish from… Continue Reading

Essence Aquatix Under The Sea

Essence Aquatix Under The sea holo 3

Oh man, I was so wrong, when I said there were too many blue shades in the Aquatix collection. The day I had bought Mermaid’s Secret, most of the other colors were already gone…so this might be the reason I did not see that the collection included “The Holo“. I am a sucker for holo polishes! What a coincidence, today I had to go and buy cat food and shampoo, so I took a second glance and discovered “04 Under The Sea“! It looks so average on the press photo (see top) but its so pretty in real life. THE HOLO – a must have! I applied two thin coats… Continue Reading