6 steps to creating the best email ever


Again – you have not heard from me for a while. But after months of absence I am back. Like so many times before, taking a break really helped to think about to which new shores I want to travel with my blog and what kind of topics I find interesting. Just the same way I had started this blog years ago with recommending and reposting articles I would find and like online I want to do this again. As you might have noticed from the headline my new interest is about email marketing. Why emails marketing? Well because marketing as a blogger is the basis for growth and because… Continue Reading

Pink Gellac Starter Kit Review


I am back with a starker kit review for Pink Gellac - is a very popular high quality gel brand originated in the Netherland/Europe and located in many different countries: Netherlands, Germany, France, United States, UK, Italy and Switzerland. I was contacted by the US-office of the company and was offered to try out the gel nail starter kit and additional 3 colors. Even though I was never a fan of gel nails (for obvious reason of the removal damaging my natural nails) I was too curious and gave it a try! The starter kit includes: Pink Gellac Tropical Pink 15ml Primer Pink Gellac Base2 15ml Pink Gellac Ultra Shine top… Continue Reading

www.rosehairextensions.com (sponsored)

Braided natural extensions add length to natural hair. Many people put on braid extensions an alternative choice to daily hairstyling and maintenance. With respect to the quantity of braids, however, braided extensions may take hrs or perhaps days to get rid of. Make use of a couple of tips to assist in removing your braided natural extensions. Make use of a comb. Beginning in the finish of the braid, lightly comb the extension downward. The extension hair can come out while you continue combing. To expedite the procedure, gather several braids and comb them at the same time. Wet hair. Fill a twig bottle with water and saturate your natural… Continue Reading

paperlesspost.com review

paperlesspost sw

Email invites are gaining in popularity (eco-friendly, affordable) and slowly rewriting invitation etiquette. I was contacted by Anagram Interactive about reviewing Paperless Post invitations. They provided access to the Paperless Post service as well as some free coins in exchange for an honest review of their website. How it works PaperLess.com lets you choose from a big variety of designs and occasions. I am a big fan of sending paper cards as I like the feeling you get recieving a piece of designed paper in your physical mailbox, so sending a virtual card was always a challenge for me. PaperlessPost.com has a user-friendly interface. Once you choose your card design the site allows you to make… Continue Reading