Tank Top Fashion

A “must-have” in very girl’s closet, the classic and famous tank top can be used for almost every moment in any woman’s life. It can be used by itself, go on a shopping trip with your favorite capri pants, to the movies with fashionable skinny jeans, and even to the beach with a cute skirt or trendy shorts. Also, grab your cardigan or blazer, pull over your pencil skirt, slip in your stilettos and you are pulling off the elegant and professional look without losing your fashion sense, and of course, your favorite piece of clothing: the tank top. Sex and the City made them popular by adding up a belt to the tank top and pairing it with a flowy skirt, never forgetting your clutch bag and original T-shirt Maker.

The versatility of this piece is reborn this season thanks to the stylists who believed in the piece and rather than looking at it as another simple sleeveless shirt, they visualized a state of mind, a sort of mood meter, a fresh and fun fashion movement.

Its name arrives from the bathing suit worn by men at the beginning of the twentieth century, better known as “swim tank”, which is derived from “swimming tank”, how people used to call the traditional swimming pool. Even though the word was not used after defining the pool as such, the word tank was still the correct one when referring to the bathing suit.

If you think tank tops are just plain boring, think again, there are million ways to wear, accessorize, and wow everyone with your top. One of the favorite trends with spaghetti strap styled tops is to layer different colored ones on top of each other, this can be done with tank tops also; they can even have different cuts for a more original style. One important factor in tank top fashion is that the use of a bra is accepted, loose straps showing on your arm are a fashion statement, and wearing a different color bra is the ultimate.

Accessories are very important for your ensemble, bangles, charmed bracelets, and classic chains can relate to the personality you want to project with your look; a wide wooden bangle and long beaded necklace might seem perfect for your white tank top and Boho chic beige skirt with gladiator style flats. Combining black with black or white with white on an every day style can even identify you as a country club socialite in a designer look. Such a simple top, and it can do wonders, you can wear the same one every day and no one will notice if you know how to work it.

Tips in Looking for Reputable Painters and Decorators

Renewing the look of your home is one of the best tips for a good ambiance. Thus, you may need to hire painters for better results. There are actually a lot of things to think about before you hire one. Read the following tips for you to find reliable painters and painter woodstock.

First, you can just ask suggestions from your friends or family members. You can also visit your neighbors and try asking them. If they could suggest you, go to their place and check out how the painters did their job. Indeed, it is the best way for you to come up with your verdict.

Next, get a local newspaper and try to check the advertisements. If there is, then get the contact details of the company right away. But of course, do not call them yet. You have to gather at least three painters and decorators.

You can also check your local paint store if they can suggest you a reliable one.

If you already found them, you should take note of these tips:

There is a need for you to ask the people around you if they have heard something bad about the painter you are planning to hire. You should ask for references too. You will know if the painter decorators are reputable if they do not hesitate to give their previous clients’ contact info. It is important for you to ask the people who suggested the painter if they loved his work, or if they did not complain about the result. You also ask if they were reliable and punctual.

Tell the painter to visit your home so he could see the scope of work. Do not forget to request a quote. See to it that the quote is complete with details, like which parts are going to be painted. If you think you already found the right painters for your home, it is still important for you that he is indeed professional.